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Coatings,Weathering,Thinners & Finishing

Coatings,Weathering,Thinners & Finishing


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Coatings, Weathering, Thinners & Finishing

Here at Sports & Model Shop, we have a range of coatings, weathering, thinner and finishing materials. Metal coatings are a vital part of metal modelling, providing a protective layer that enhances the aesthetics of your model and protects it from corrosion, meaning your models are preserved for years to come.

Weathering is another good finish for modellers looking for more realism. We have a range of products that simulate the effects of time and use on the model. This can be done by adding dirt, grime, scratches, and other imperfections to the surface. Weathering can be achieved using a variety of materials, including pigments, washes, and weathering powders to help you achieve the distinctive appearance you’re looking for.

When using certain paints getting an accurate finish can be difficult. Thinners offer a solution by making them easier to apply and control by decreasing the paint’s viscosity. As a by-product, thinners can also be used to clean brushes and other tools. A finishing coat, such as a clear lacquer or wax helps to protect the model from scratches, scuffs, and other damage. We offer a range of products that can give your model a finish of polish and shine, enhancing its appearance.

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